You Can Help

The Anglican Chorale of Ottawa (ACO) is a registered charity. Donors will receive an official tax receipt, together with our heartfelt thanks.

Why do we need help? We want to make it possible for young singers to have the experience of singing in the UK Cathedrals, and be part of the traditions that have continued for hundreds of years. Also, the choir provides a musical environment that provides opportunities for these singers to improve as all-round musicians, and to take these skills and experiences back to their own choirs.

We do everything we can to keep our costs to a minimum so as to make our trips affordable for as many as possible - we often stay in choir school dormitories, and members of the Chorale's Organising Team do thousands of hours planning work as unpaid volunteers. Even with all our careful spending, travelling to the U.K. in summertime is increasingly expensive and tour costs are approximately $4,000 per choir member, once air fare, accommodations, meals and a share of the group expenses (e.g., buses, director fees, music) are tallied. Putting forward this amount of money can be difficult for students and those who have not yet reached their income potential. With your help we can continue to provide some financial assistance for the younger Choir members, and any member with a demonstrated need.

The Chorale has established a support fund for its younger singers, or those facing financial hardship. Although many current and former choir members make a significant contribution to this fund, your contribution would allow us to offer this experience to more choristers who have very limited resources of their own, but so much to offer the Choir.

How to help: Supporting the Anglican Chorale could not be simpler! Here are two options:

#1 - By Hand - Choir members would be delighted to receive cheques from donors at any time! Please make cheques made payable to “The Anglican Chorale of Ottawa”

#2 - By Credit Card

Please go to the fabulous CanadaHelps.Org website, to make secure on-line donations to the Anglican Chorale of Ottawa.

 The Chorale is most grateful....

The Anglican Chorale would like to thank everyone who has donated their time and talent to making this such a high calibre musical organization. No organisation consisting of volunteers can be this successful without strong support from behind the scenes. This includes the organising team, the Music Directors who share their immense talent and encourage us to be the best we can, and the congregations who attend our Evensongs.

We add a special thanks to those who have supported our young artists through donations to the Financial Assistance Fund. The Chorale is pleased to acknowledge a grant from the A.E.J. Fulford Trust of the Anglican Foundation in support of our younger singers who reap the many benefits of exposure to, and keeping alive, the Anglican Choral traditions in Canada.

We are extremely grateful to those churches who have allowed us to rehearse in their beautiful facilities : Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa St, Martin’s Anglican, Ottawa St. Matthew’s Anglican Ottawa.  We are equally grateful to those who have lent us music over the years: St. Matthew’s, Christ Church Cathedral, St. George’s in Kingston, Christ Church Deer Park in Toronto, Canadian Centennial Choir, and Cammac.