Want to Join?

Today there are approximately 30 members of the choir ranging in age from 18 to 80. Almost all choir members sing in other church choirs, university choirs, or community choirs. Some members of the choir are professional musicians, music teachers, or they are taking a degree in music. Some of the members are Anglican, and many are not. One thing we have in common is that we enjoy making great music together. We limit the number of members because of the size of the choir stalls in British cathedrals, and the number of people with luggage that you can fit on a tour bus.


We are looking for:

• Strong singers with above average sight reading skills, who already understand music basics (e.g., dynamics, phrasing, where to finish consonants). The Chorale sings a lot of Anglican chant, so knowing how to do that definitely helps (but is not a requirement).

• People who remain cheerful in the face of the challenges that inevitably arise (and if you like a visit to a pub, or a game of euchre, that is also an asset).

Here is the process to audition for the choir.

(1) Come to a rehearsal. See if this choir is what you are looking for.

(2) Audition. The audition is informal, and usually will require some sight singing, and a piece of your choice. You might also be asked to sing with several other members of the choir to assess the blend.

(3) Chat with a member(s) of the organizing team  who will discuss with you the commitment involved in being a choir member, the costs of taking part, the up-coming rehearsal schedule and the itinerary of our next overseas tour. You will also have an opportunity to raise any questions you may have about the choir and how it works.

If you would like to join us, please send an e-mail to acochoir@gmail.com to determine if we are currently recruiting for your voice section, and to arrange an appointment.


We are proud that, over the years, our choir has included members of all ages, including choristers as young as nine years old. However, the composition of the choir varies from season to season depending on such considerations as the type of music we will be singing and the schedule demands we will be facing on each upcoming trip. At present, we are not auditioning children for membership in the choir, but have instead been focusing our most recent recruiting efforts on young adult singers, several of whom are already making substantial and welcome contributions to the choir.